Re: Outlook Training Error

Sarah k Alawami

Yep I also have office 365 as well. I remember having to do something but that key  stroke was not it.





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I honestly didn't know there was that big a difference between the two products.





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On 8/30/21, Chris Smart <ve3rwj@...> wrote:

> Hmm.

> Ok, here’s a thought.

> When I go to Files > Microsoft Account > About Outlook, I read that I

> have Outlook for Office 365, version 16.0.14326.20164.

> Is there a non-365 version and that is what this training is for?

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> Chris,

> I can't explain that.  But what they document is the toggle for the

> BCC field and does work on my machine, and has worked on many others

> elsewhere in the past.

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