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Quentin Christensen

NVDA+p works in both laptop and desktop mode to cycle the punctuation level.  You can also edit the level for any given symbol using the punctuation / symbol pronunciation dialog in the preferences menu.  I put some information on that in our In-Process blog a couple of months ago:

Another thing you can do is set different punctuation levels in different programs using configuration profiles, and I included a piece about that just a couple of week's ago:

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Why not hit nvda plus p, at least in laptop mode. This will cycle between the options.


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Use NVDA+Control+v to open the voice dialog, tab down to “Symbol and Punctuation level”  and experiment with the different settings until you find an acceptable level.          I use “Most” which doesn’t interfere with the text flow for me.



Cheers  Chris     


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Subject: [nvda] Don't want NVDA announce punctuation marks


Hello all,

I find it interrupting the reading flow when NVDA  announces

punctuation marks everytime.

I want the feature turned off, please help.



With warm regards

Solomon S







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