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Christo Vorster

Hi Quentin


I upgraded to NVDA 2021.1 and suddenly I find that I can no longer use the ASCII codes, as I used to do. I’m talking, eg, ALT+130 (to type Acute E,  etc.


I haven’t updated the version of Word I’m using, it still is Word 2016.


Is there a remedy to rectify this problem, or any other way to create these codes?




Christo Vorster (Worcester, South Africa))


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Hi Chris,


Thanks for highlighting these!  The good news (for me), the first one is where I must have rewritten the paragraph and then inadvertently left both copies in.  The second was where I had simply repeated a sentence - and the rest are changes Microsoft have made to their ribbon structure.


In each of those cases, the keystroke changing is caused by Microsoft moving the option into a submenu, so it it on the same ribbon but you need to add 0, then 0:


To toggle the BCC field, press alt+p, 0, 0, b


To add reccurance to a calendar event, with the event open, you now need to press alt+h, 0, 0, e.


To add a new calendar, you now need to press alt+h, 0, 0, a, o  (as well as being in that 0 0 menu, it is in an "add / share" submenu as well, as is b" for new blank calendar).


The recurrence change is the one I really disagree with - while you shouldn't need to add calendars too often, or toggle the BCC field, you often need to add or edit recurrance to a calender event.  If anyone else feels the same way, the best I can suggest is petitioning Microsoft to make it easier to get to.


I'll update the module in the shop, once I've edit it a bit more - and if you find any other issues through the remainder of the module, please do let me know!


Kind regards





On Tue, Aug 31, 2021 at 11:55 PM Chris Smart <ve3rwj@...> wrote:



Here’s what I’ve jotted down so far as I work through the module. I’m only about halfway through, and I’m not sure which of these are actual issues or a matter of misreading things on my part, i.e. operator error.


NOTE: The following possible errors were encountered while working through your Outlook training, while using Outlook version 16.0.14326.20216.

A general comment: Lists, like the table of contents, are not formatted correctly in the epub version, at least when read using QRead 3.21 for Windows. Could these be put one item per line, or even turned into hyperlinks, if the EPUB format supports it?


2.4 Sending Email: Duplicate sentence.

“After writing and double checking a message, press alt+s to send it. Once sent, the message cannot be cancelled. After writing and double checking a message, it is ready to be sent. To send a message, press alt+s. Once a message has been sent, it can generally not be recalled.”


2.7 Reading Messages

You repeat yourself in the paragraph about message sorting.

The default message order is to have the newest at the top and the oldest at the bottom. To reverse this sort order, press alt+v, then r, then s. The sort order can also be changed to another field. Sort by subject to have messages sorted by their subject line, alphabetically. Messages can also be sorted by sender, recipient, and many other fields. Press alt+v, then a, then b to choose the field messages are arranged by. This opens a menu where the field to sort by can be chosen. If desired, reverse the sort order with alt+v, then r, then s.”


3.6 Using BCC

Press alt+p to open the Options ribbon, then b to activate the BCC option.”

While editing a message ALT+P does indeed open the Options ribbon, but B doesn’t seem to do anything.


4.6 Recurring Appointments:

When editing an appointment, press alt+h, then e to open the "Appointment Recurrence" dialog.”

I get an error chime when I press the E in that key sequence.


4.8 Using Multiple Calendars:

To add a new calendar, press alt+h, then o, then c.”

I can’t get that to work.



I hope to get through the rest of the module today.






Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager


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