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Moderator's Note:  I have chosen to allow this announcement because opportunities such as this one do not present themselves very often at all and I know that we have at least some members who are active or aspiring Python coders.  It will be locked immediately upon posting.  Please contact Dr. Billah directly, at the e-mail address provided, with any questions regarding this study or participation in it.


I am Syed Billah; I am an assistant professor at the Pennsylvania State University. One of our research agenda is to make computer programming accessible to students with vision impairments.
Our lab recently developed a research prototype of an accessible online editor for Python. Programming languages like Python are predominantly visual. As a result, sighted programmers often rely on visual cues, such as empty spaces, highlighting parentheses, to write error-free code in an editor. Unfortunately, most editors fail to properly convey these visual cues in audio, making it difficult to write code non-visually. 
We hope our prototype overcomes these challenges and lets someone  writes Python code non-visually. 
Currently, we are running a study to test this prototype. We invite adults with vision impairments who are familiar with Python to participate in our study.
Participants will be asked to read/write simple Python code non-visually using screen readers (e.g., NVDA).

The study will be conducted over Zoom video conferencing software. It will take 2 hours, and we'll pay an Amazon Gift card of USD $50 to compensate for the individual's time. Please note that payment may take a week due to the official process. 
If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact me, Syed Billah at sbillah@....
Thank you,
Syed M. Billah, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
College of Information Science and Technology
The Pennsylvania State University 
University Park, Pennsylvania

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