Re: NVDA on Synchrony Bank site, unusable on login with chrome

Don H

The error message comes up after you input your user name and password.

On 9/4/2021 12:54 AM, Nimer Jaber wrote:
I really don't understand what the issue being raised here is. I am able to log into the synchrony sites with Chrome, and, while I don't have a username/password to the specific one linked, I don't see why I wouldn't be able to log in, as visiting the site yielded a form with username and password.
Before we continue this discussion, I think we need to know what the issues are.
On Fri, Sep 3, 2021 at 10:51 PM Shaun Everiss <sm.everiss@... <mailto:sm.everiss@...>> wrote:
To be honest I have had issues with chrome in rendering some stuff to.
Some things are a bit harder to get to.
On a site 1,608 dollars looks like.
160008000 or some such.
Sites like my computer store pbtech will not only do this but
clicking clickables that bring up a menu will cause it to come up
but not display right.
Using something like privacy badger to unblock a mislabeled site, I
can't get to the right spot to click the button for the right thing,
its like that menu is missing and I have to muck about to find it.
In edge its fine.
In firefox some stuff works a lot better than chrome which I am
unsure why that exactly is.
All I know is that chrome while it is accessible isn't a complete
success for everything.
On 4/09/2021 1:10 pm, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

If you read his messages,  it says  it works in the Firefox
browser but not in any chrome browsers

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You said neither one works with a Chrome-based browser.  Is that
because you haven’t tried it in a browser like Firefox or because
they work in a nonChrome-based browser you have tried?


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Synchrony Bank  has several web pages for different credit cards they
have.  I have both a Lowes and Sams Club credit card that they
and neither work with a Chrome based browser when using the latest
released version of Windows 10. The only way you can see the
problem is
if you have a user name and password but here it is <>

On 9/3/2021 6:55 PM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:
> So what's the website so one of us can try it?
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> I am finding for the past several weeks that you can not log in
on this banks web site with Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.  I
talked with their support department and they said they would
check into the issue.
>    As I said that has been several weeks and it still doesn't
work with these two Chrome based browsers.  I am able to complete
a log in using the latest Firefox browser.
> On 9/3/2021 2:31 PM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:
>> Have you tried with narrator to see if it is the website or
screen reader having this issue? Also what's the website so one of
us can try and make it work?
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>> chrome
>> Hello,
>> I've got a care credit card through Synchrony Bank but there
web site portal is awful, using NVDA I can't get it to log i n,
fields on the login form won't read, and that's when I can get
this login iframe access thing to work, which is a collapsable
link, when I can get it to expand it's hit or miss as to whether I
can find anything.
>> I've got to pay a bill and it's time sensitive, does anyone
have workarounds for this? I've also tried with Internet Explorer
and with Brave.
>> Some urgency!
>> Thanks.
>> Dave.

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