Re: Espeak varient clearity problem

Sharad Koirala

I am not sure, but could the NVDA addon called "dual voice" help.

On 9/7/21, Ali Colak <> wrote:
But then, I don't think I understood the problem after all, sorry.

On 9/6/21, Ali Colak via <> wrote:
If I understand you, what you want is any easy way to switch between
Hindi language and Indian English? Do you know about NVDA profiles?
This might help in your situation.

On 9/6/21, Ashutosh Singhal <> wrote:
Microsoft one cor languages does not automatically switch in between the
Hindi and English Languages or voices in the Youtube and others
When I use Microsoft English India Heera voice in the NVDA and Narrator
whenever any Hindi and English Languages content come together that
NVDA as well as Narrator leave that Hindi content portion completely and
only speak English content.
NVDA Espeak variants are not very much understandable in English India
language and it is so hard in Hindi Language for the Indians in
understanding because this is the problem of talking way, Accent and
reason like you can hear differences through below Youtube link

Dr. Sharad Koirala
Department of Community Medicine
Gandaki Medical College, Pokhara, Nepal

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