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The resistance comes from a lot of bad publicity both programs got about a year ago as to their effectiveness.  According to what I've read recently, they have improved but they are still not considered as top programs or more than just tolerable.
At the time they got the bad publicity, it was contraversial whether they deserved the bad publicity and I'll let those interested look up information.  I wrote about the contraversy at the time and I don't want to go into it all again. 

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I really don't get the resistance to either Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender, depending on whether you're running Windows 7 or a later version of Windows, respectively.

Both are accessible and very serviceable antivirus/antimalware programs.  Both offer realtime scanning.  Both allow you to set up exclusions to scanning if a program you know to be legitimate is being picked up as part of their scans.

No antivirus program or security suite is able to protect you from all possible routes of infection.   If you've been interacting with cyberspace for years and aren't routinely getting items quarantined that indicates that your browsing/downloading habits, which are your best defense against infection, are good.   If you're getting frequent identification of infections you definitely need to analyze what you're doing (and most often this is something that comes from operator actions) that is causing this and cease and desist or eventually something will get past whatever you're using.

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