Re: not constantly maintained addon and compatibility issue


On Thu, Sep 9, 2021 at 01:41 AM, William wrote:
Can we have a mechanism to make these addons being maintained, even if the developer ignored it or forget to update it?
You do realize that what you propose is a logical impossibility, don't you?

If all the necessary maintenance is amounts to doing what's proposed later, that is updating the manifest and doing testing with the current version of NVDA, then the developer (whether the original one or someone else) has updated what needs to be updated.

The problem is that there are some add-ons that have been abandoned by their original developer and have not, at least as yet, been picked up by someone else.  If and when they do, then that person or those persons will again be maintaining the add-on.

While I commend those willing to try editing the manifest files as a workaround, that's precisely what it is if no one is maintaining the actual code.  Eventually, a manifest tweak will not be enough.  Right now it is for certain add-ons, but that will not last as time marches on.  Someone else has to pick up maintenance on the code if it is to remain viable over the long term.

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