Re: Firefox download new version dialog

David Mellor

Those keys don't interact with firefox unfortunately.
I could not see any way of getting to the controls.
The f6 does work, thank you Patrick.
Clicking on the download still didn't seem to do anything but I can play around with that a bit more.

From: [] On Behalf Of Chris via
Sent: 10 September 2021 08:45
Subject: Re: [nvda] Firefox download new version dialog

You  have answered your own question!


Alt+M to dismiss

Alt+D to download



From: David Mellor
Sent: 10 September 2021 07:02
Subject: [nvda] Firefox download new version dialog


Hello group,

When firefox says the following when ever a new window is opened, is there

any way I can interact with it please?

There are no menu options to check for updates and install.


alert  Update available. Download the latest version of Firefox.

Dismiss  button  Alt+m Download  button  Alt+D


Very many thanks,








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