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You just think they don’t work because nothing appears to change. I don’t know what a sighted person may see, but if you want to see progress, after you issue the download command, go into the about dialog, alt h followed by a.  Then check to see if browse mode is on.  Use NVDA key space.  If it isn’t on, turn it on.  You can now move around the about page as you would any web page.  You will find a line or two near the top of the page that tells you what is going on regarding the update. 
As I recall, if you keep causing the line to read, it will say, after a time, something about restarting Firefox to update and you will hear a command to do so and there will be a button you can activate as well.

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Those keys don't interact with firefox unfortunately.
I could not see any way of getting to the controls.
The f6 does work, thank you Patrick.
Clicking on the download still didn't seem to do anything but I can play around with that a bit more.

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You  have answered your own question!


Alt+M to dismiss

Alt+D to download



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Subject: [nvda] Firefox download new version dialog


Hello group,

When firefox says the following when ever a new window is opened, is there

any way I can interact with it please?

There are no menu options to check for updates and install.


alert  Update available. Download the latest version of Firefox.

Dismiss  button  Alt+m Download  button  Alt+D


Very many thanks,








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