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One would have thought they might have put this on a key combination somewhere as we cannot be the only ones who require normal operation. what about other software that uses control keys employing alt?
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That's a great set of instructions, but it predates UEFI. For those who have a machine with UEFI there will be a couple of steps to get to the BIOS function under UEFI.

I still don't know of any screen reader that operates this early in the boot sequence, no matter if we're talking a native BIOS machine or a newer one with UEFI. My HP laptop had the keys set for multimedia mode, but the machine is UEFI based and that function is called SmartKeys on this model. Now that I've turned off the SmartKeys (ActionKeys in your posted example) I'm back to having to hit the Fn key plus the actual function key to invoke the media function, which is just how I like it.

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