A Note of Appreciation on NVDA and Foreign Languages


Hi everyone,

I just thought I'd share this with y'all as I'm really ecstatic right now.

Mandarin Chinese is my other language and it is the language spoken in my household, and I had not thought of trying this till just now but I went and installed the Chinese simplified language pack in Windows 10, switched to a Chinese speech synth (thanks synth ring for making this so quick and easy and Windows OneCore voices because the OneCore Chinese speech synths are actually decent) and I was able to read the baidu.com website without issue. Then I went and switched my braille table to Chinese Mandarin grade 1 and when I browsed the baidu site and a Chinese word doc not only was the speech reading it out flawlessly but it was also displaying flawless Chinese braille on my display as well. Wow. I had no idea it would work this well. I have not yet tried to type Chinese characters into a word doc on anything like that but I have good faith it'll work and the fact that foreign language support is this good makes me so darn happy.

Anyhow, I just thought I'd send this note of appreciation because now I can FINALLY work on improving my Mandarin literacy because before this, getting access to Mandarin material was certainly a struggle, the combo of speech and braille will really help me improve my Mandarin braille reading, and I now have way more access to Mandarin documents and websites so now I'm so happy...

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