Re: A Note of Appreciation on NVDA and Foreign Languages

Jessica Glasco


On Sep 11, 2021, at 00:39, Clement Chou <chou.clement@...> wrote:

Can confirm as a Chinese speaker as well! Typing works great for the
most part, though choosing candidates in the IME can be a little
wonky, and some synthesizers react oddly to punctuation and the like.
But for the most part, foreign language support in NVDA, in Mandarin
and Japanese which are the languages I primarily use, is fantastic!
Not without its kinks, but certainly more than usable. 
Hello, I'm Jessica Glasco.  I'm totally blind, and I love NVDA.  I have 2 braille displays.  
I'd love to try and learn Japanese and Chinese braille.  That'll be quite interesting.  
I love  foreign languages of both braille and sign language learn foreign languages of  braille.   
I'll always love NVDA.  
You can feel free to contact me anytime. I was also wondering if there were Chinese Daisy online services I could add or turn on on my Victor Reader Stream new generation. It has wifi capabilities and online services. It's fun to learn.

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