Re: seeing entire file names in a torrent contents list in uTorrent

John Isige

I never tried exactly what you're asking. But if you enable the web
interface and google the port it uses, I forget what the default is,
that might give you more access. It's a bit weird too, lots of clickable
stuff, but you do get access to some things you can't normally get at.
Probably easier just to grab the whole thing and delete what you don't
want though.

Oh you'll also want to set it to manual download probably, so you can
queue it up and then go into the web interface to see if you can pick
individual files. Actually, now that I think about it, I might be
thinking of QBitTorrent, though UTorrent might have a web interface too.
I've yet to find a torrent client that's actually fully accessible with
NVDA though, so good luck. I think UTorrent's list view worked ages and
ages ago, but it hasn't really been functional with NVDA for quite a
while now.

On 9/11/2021 3:13 PM, Steve Wettlaufer wrote:
Hi everybody,

I'm wanting to download only a few certain files from a very large
torrent, but I'm running into a problem.  Going down the list with
NVDA, I'm finding that the name of every single file is cut off and
missing the exact information that I need to make my selections.  Is
there anything I can do to expand that?  You can't resize the window
and if there's another way to see that info I'm missing it.  Would
appreciate any help anyone might have.



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