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David Mellor

Thanks Lino,
I did look through the menus, honest, but didn't check in the About dialog.
Best wishes,

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Their is. Hit alt H for help and tab to the about then press enter. Next
tab over to check for update or if it has already been download the
button should say upgrade button.

On 9/10/2021 3:41 AM, Patrick Le Baudour wrote:

F6 would be the way to go. you may have to use it more than once
depending on where you are.

If I remember correctly, there is a check for update part in the
settings page.
-- Patrick

Le 10/09/2021 à 08:02, David Mellor a écrit :
Hello group,
When firefox says the following when ever a new window is opened, is
any way I can interact with it please?
There are no menu options to check for updates and install.

alert  Update available. Download the latest version of Firefox.
Dismiss  button  Alt+m Download  button  Alt+D

Very many thanks,

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