Re: Is it possible to drag-and-drop with NVDA and the keyboard


On Mon, Sep 13, 2021 at 06:45 PM, Gene wrote:
the context I know about is when you are using it instead of copy and paste files.
Which would be, by far and away, the most common context.

But, as was noted at the beginning, it's also very common for uploading files, too.  While this would certainly be, broadly, a sort of copy and paste action most wouldn't think of it that way.  I certainly don't.

The only context I know of where two different windows or dialog boxes are not involved is in things like quizzes where drag and drop is used to "draw a line" between a pair of items where there is a collection in two columns where you have to match one in the first to one in the second.  Drag and drop became the "electronic pencil" where the thing you picked up in column one, then dragged atop an item in column two and dropped it, caused the line to be drawn.  That, of course, can be easily done by other means, like filling in a letter for the item in column one in an edit box in front of each item in column two to indicate pairings.   The drag and drop variant came about as a direct visual replacement for the old (and sighted) line drawing to match pairs method.

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