Why is SAPI5 louder in a portable copy of NVDA than an installed one?

John Isige

Hey all.

This isn't really an issue I guess, I'm just curious. SAPI5 voices, possibly others, are louder in some cases than others for me. I have NVDA set to be used at log on, and Microsoft David is louder when Windows first boots. It starts reading the login prompt, then NVDA runs, I mean the copy that starts after Windows is loaded. I hit escape a couple of times, and instead of using SAPI5 Eloquence, it goes back to the login prompt with MS David, which is softer than it was on initial boot.

Similarly, just now I updated to 2021.2, and when it booted that copy, SAPI5 Eloquence was louder than it was before it started, and after it installed and ran the new installed copy. I also noticed that a portable copy I made a while back for some reason was louder too. I don't have anything obvious like audio ducking enabled, it happens with or without addons loaded, my volume is set to 100% in NVDA in all cases. I shouldn't be that it's switching sound interfaces, because all of this speech is coming out of my laptop's headphone jack. Like I said, it's not a real issue, as such, I mean NVDA works just fine, it's just not as loud as it could be I guess, and in fact, if it was louder like it is in those cases, I'd probably turn the volume down from 100%. It's just kind of odd that's all, and I'm just curious about what could be going on.

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