cranky windows defender


Hi all.

Well defender updated itself today.

Or at lest it must have.

After whatever happened defender no longer seems to completely acknowledge my exclusions.

Now on my internal drive thats not a problem.

Well drives but on my backup which contains above all installers for games, bgt, chinese installers, and a lot of innosetups, defender seems to half honnor my exclusions.

That is, if I scan for them directly it will say these are skipped which is fine, bgt and how its done means its really not a good idea to scan as they get misdetected.

However the files will not execute because windows defender has blocked them.

The exclusions on my internal drives work properly.

If I then delete and add the exclusions everything works till I reconnect the drive then it repeats.

Defender then says it can't remediate the file I then tell it to start actions.

It does, and finds nothing because the folder in question is excluded so its noticing this.

Thats at least a relief.

I initially thought it was ignoring my exclusions completely, that and in of itself is not the case.

However its trying to run scans and protection analisis against excluded folders and drives.

This would be fine but I only noticed this today.

In the short to medium term, its not a problem.

I can probably disable windows defender notifications or turn it off completely when I transfer stuff over.

However I really don't want this stuff to spread to my internal drives so in the short termm I will just shut down notifications and clear them every so often.

Now granted, most of this stuff is in bgt so if I got rid of all my old games and old software maybe this issue will not be an issue, but even if this is the case, it did work before.

Its still working on my internal where all folders on my backup drives with bgt stuff in them, the drive has bgt portable apps, games mostly, and the rest is media files pritty much well that works for now.

Anyone else encountered this issue?

I strongly suspect its a recent bug in the latest update or even in today's definition update as defender wasn't so crazy about what I owned before.

I don't really want to turn off windows defender while transfering or running files from my portable drive but if its going to do this then I may have to.

And if it spreads, I will have to turn it off maybe perminantly.

Thats not a good idea but at least while running a program on my system that may be my only option.

Defender is the only issue, apart from the task schedualer snapin not loading or running right but I can do without that.

I just want defender to behave.

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