Notice: what to expect in my add-ons in the future


Hello all,

Some announcements about what to expect with my add-ons now that I’m no longer part of the users community:

  • The next stable add-on releases (October) will require NvDA 2021.2 due to changes made in the newest NVDA that will change how add-ons work. Affected add-ons include Control Usage Assistant, Enhanced Touch Gestures, Event Tracker, GoldWave, StationPlaylist, and Windows App Essentials.
  • I’m ending maintenance for most add-ons by end of this year. Affected add-ons are Control Usage Assistant, Enhanced Touch Gestures, Event Tracker, GoldWave, Resource Monitor, and StationPlaylist. The last version of Event Tracker under my maintenance will be released in October, and other add-ons mentioned will get second to last updates, with the final updates coming out in early January 2022.
  • Clock: the next version of this add-on is tentatively scheduled for November. After that, I hope to release another release in January 2022 with localization updates before handing the add-on back to the community for further maintenance (that’s why I noted to William that I’m limited in what I can do now). My job with this add-on for now is modernizing and updating existing features, including a vast overhaul of quiet hours definition and changing the user interface messages to make them more user-friendly.
  • Extended Winamp and Golden Cursor: the next releases are scheduled for next week and will be the final releases under my maintenance.
  • Add-on Updater and Windows App Essentials: eventually I plan to end maintenance for these provided that the big ideas from these add-ons (updating add-ons and improved Windows 10/11/apps support) are incorporated into NVDA. I hope to maintain them at least until NVDA 2022.1 is released, but then Add-on Updater might be end of life way before that once the rumored Add-on Store hosted by NV Access becomes reality.

IMPORTANT: Clock, Extended Winamp, and Golden Cursor are not my add-ons.

I’m ending maintenance for add-ons so I can focus on graduate school education (having experienced grad courses briefly, I understand it will be difficult to balance my role between a student and a software developer as the grad school progresses). I have asked add-ons community to look for people who will maintain my add-ons past 2021.

Thank you. Please stay safe and healthy.



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