Re: Now official: goodbye, NVDA community - retiring from code contributions

Steve Wettlaufer

Thank you for everything you've done.  Your work is one of the reasons I'm happy to be a user and a monthly donor.


On 2021-09-14 8:46 a.m., Joseph Lee wrote:

Hello NVDA users,

A few months ago I announced my retirement from actively contributing code to NVDA screen reader. However Windows 11 was announced in June, so I decided to stay for a while to assist Nv Access with Windows 11 support. Now that NVDA 2021.2 is here with preliminary Windows 11 support and after spending some time in graduate school education, I can now make it official:

Goodbye, NVDA community.

Although I’m moving on from contributions, I’ll still be around somewhere – reading, writing, research, and other activities I might be doing. The NVDA community has been a valuable part of my life for the last nine years. Although I’m closing a chapter in my life, the memories I had with you are too valuable to forget. In some ways, I’m following the footsteps of Jamie Teh, one of the founders of Nv Access and now at Mozilla – although I’ll be focusing on other life priorities, I’m open to providing advice from time to time. Remember what I taught you for the last few years: use the product to its full potential, and NonVisual Desktop Access is not just a screen reader – it is a global movement.

I hope to publish what to expect from my add-ons next before making room for the next group of contributors and experts – add-on maintenance is the unfinished business, and I hope to pass on most add-ons to the community by end of this year.

Thank you, NVDA community, for everything you’ve done for me and giving me a chance to make a difference for you for the last decade.




Joseph S. Lee

Certified NVDA Expert, 2019

Volunteer code contributor, translator, and community add-ons author and reviewer, NonVisual Desktop Access screen reader project (June 2012 to September 2021)

Graduate student and speech and debate coach, California State University, Los Angeles (August 2021 to present)

Windows Insider (October 2014 to present)

Former moderator, NVDA users list (2013 to 2016)

Founding chair, NVDACon (2014 to 2016)

Member, NVDA Council (2019 to present)

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