Re: Is it possible to drag-and-drop with NVDA and the keyboard

Tim M

I thought you with sight would use it a lot. After all to the sighted users its a daily action and always will be for windows. That was there main selling point when they first came out with windows. in fact there is not one OS that don't use that methiod for moving around in the OS.

On 9/13/2021 3:58 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:

On Mon, Sep 13, 2021 at 03:03 PM, Tim M wrote:
That is just one of the many working bugs both screen readers have, and either haven't gotten to or just won't fix.
The thing is, I can't necessarily even say it's a bug.   Drag and drop "via the sighted method" is a thing unto itself, where the thing that has focus and is being dragged moves in real time and keeps focus throughout the movement until one releases the left mouse button over the drop zone.  If you release that button elsewhere (anywhere that the thing cannot be dropped) it simply remains where it had been.

With a screen reader, you have to gain focus, select, and "left mouse lock" on the object - and these three things are easy - but then navigate to the drop zone without ever giving full focus to anything else, and that is very tricky indeed to do, as I've found out in many other contexts.  I have not been willing to play much with emulated drag and drop because I try, whenever possible, to avoid the use of drag and drop, particularly when it comes to a screen reader.

The actual need for drag and drop (as opposed to it being an option) seems to be fading out somewhat, which is great as far as accessibility goes.  I'd far rather cut and paste, or choose to upload using an upload dialog, or similar than drag and drop.  I even do this more frequently than actual drag and drop because I'm often selecting multiple, non-contiguous files and it's very, very easy after having done so to lose that selection if your mouse pointer is even the tiniest bit outside "the grab zone" for the collection of files.  I'd rather hit CTRL + X, get to where I need them to go, and hit CTRL + P.

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