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David Moore

Thanks a lot! Just downloaded the link you provided. Have a great one.

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There is a version of TeamTalk for iOS devices as well. From the little I've used it, it works extremely well. It should be noted that it is free. Someone did a simple podcast on this. The link is below:





On 3/16/2016 1:00 AM, David Moore wrote:
Hi all,
I will be there as well. I have never used team talk before, so that will be fun. I am going to try to get it set up in the next couple of days. Thanks, Joseph, and have a great one. I could not make the talk tonight, because my wife has been really sick. Just got home from the hospital. I have your talk in my favorites in Google Chrome. Take care, all.

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Hi Nasrin,
Though the question was addressed to Joseph, I hope you do not mind me
chiming in.
The NVDACon webpage offers comprehensive instructions on basic
functional usage of Teamtalk and how you can acquire and configure it
to join the conference.
Please find below the relevant section of the page which explains the
procedure to join the NVDACon International 2016 followed by the link
from which the extract was taken, i.e. the NVDACon page.

How to join us
TeamTalk is a program that you run on your Windows PC (there is a Mac
version available, but we have found that it does not work well with
VoiceOver and so we do not recommend you use it). To get started,
follow these steps:
1. Download the software (TeamTalk 5) from
2. When you are installing the above program, you will come to a
screen where you can choose which components you want. Tab to the list
of components and arrow down until you find the "TeamTalk 5 classic"
option. Press space, then enter. For best results with screen reading
software, it is strongly recommended that you do this; the standard
(non-classic) version is not very accessible.
3. Once the setup process is complete, and you are in the TeamTalk
application (start it up if it is not running already), follow the
below procedure to connect to the server:
◦ From within TeamTalk, press f2. Tab until you get to the "host
properties" group, and simply erase any information that may be
already in the edit fields. For the "entry name", type anything you
want that will tell you what this server is (for example, "NVDACon").
For "host address", type Set TCP port to 10333 and UDP
port to 10333 and skip everything else. Press enter on "join/update"
and you should be all set.
4. Once you are logged on, you can join any of the available rooms
(note that some may be password-protected). We first recommend doing
an audio test (choose the option form the context menu) To join this
or any room, just arrow to it and press control-j (to leave a room,
arrow to it and press control-l). You can also hit the applications
key, or shift-f10, on a room and choose the option you want.
5. While in any room, you will see three slider controls after the
list of channels (rooms and channels are the same thing), along with
an edit field. The first edit field is for system and user messages.
The second lets you chat by typing text and pressing enter. The first
slider changes your microphone's sensitivity (gain), the second
changes the volume of the room in general as you hear it, and we are
not sure what the third one does.
If you are using the JAWS for Windows screen reader or NvDA, there are
now JAWS scripts and NvDA add-on available for use with TeamTalk. The
link will take you to a website where you can download these free
scripts. We do not offer support for the scripts, though; please refer
to the above link for help instead.
NVDACon homepage:
Looking forward to having you with us in the event, and many thanks
again to Joseph for organizing this.

On 3/15/16, nasrin khaksar mailto:nasrinkhaksar3@... wrote:
hi joseph.
thanks so much for your nvda con.
i realy appreciate your efferts and islam advices us to be grateful to
people do sincere efferts and help others.
i wish successful, devine mercys and blessings for you and your corporate
if someone educate me using teamtalk, i am very happy to participate
in your international con.
nvda is the best screen readers now and forever.

On 3/15/16, Bhavya shah mailto:bhavya.shah125@... wrote:
Hi Scott,
Well, do let us know in case you have some specific Teamtalk problems
or troubleshooting requirements, and the TT experts here may be able
to help you.
Just to note, you can communicate in the conference via text messages
as well as audio conversation. Text chats are always recognized and
read out by others. If microphone configuration with TT is an issue
for you, hope that may no longer need to be an impediment for
participation in NVDACon. :) smiles

On 3/15/16, Scott VanDeWalle mailto:scottvandewalle2@... wrote:
Hello, i plan to be there, if i can get team talk working on my system.
I tried before and it didn't work, so we'll see i


On 3/14/2016 9:56 PM, Bhavya shah wrote:
Hi Scott, Joseph and others,
It was great fun for me too to be a part of the recent Accessible
World Techtalk presentation, and am thankful to Joseph for the same.
Just like this recent Techtalk event related to NVDA, I would
encourage everyone to participate in this, and future events,
including the NVDACon International 2016, of course. Looking forward
to seeing you out there, Scott, and many others.

On 3/15/16, Scott VanDeWalle mailto:scottvandewalle2@... wrote:
Hello Joseph and all.
First of all I wanted to say thanks Joseph, that was fun to listen to.
I will have to reinstall the plugin though because I tried to talk and
it didn't work i think.
But, thanks again.
Maybe some day I'll actually get to talk to you all in voice during
of these things.

I'm planning to be there during at least some of the nvda con
Sounds like it'll be fun.

Well, that is all for now.

Talk to you all later.

Scott V

Warm Regards
Bhavya Shah
Using NVDA (Non Visual Desktop Access) free and open source screen
reader for Microsoft Windows
To download a copy of the free screen reader NVDA, please visit
Using Google Talkback on Motorolla G second generation Lollipop 5.0.2
Reach me through the following means:
Mobile: +91 7506221750
E-mail id: bhavya.shah125@...
Skype id : bhavya.09

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