Problem to anounce some menu items


I'm not sure if it's the same isue but  when Itype "shift+f10"  with focus on desktop,
NVDA says "context menu" but the first submenu is not announced.
When focus is on thunderbird list, NVDA says "menu".
When focus is in the bloc-note edi   zone, NVDA says "context menu".
I think that the problem is not solved with nvda 2021.2.
Best regards.
Le 14/09/2021 19:45, Lukasz Golonka via a écrit :

On Tue, 14 Sep 2021 14:33:49 +0200
"Marco Oros" <marco.oros93@...> wrote:

I have problem with announcing menu items in Mozilla Thunderbird. Let me explain It deeply:

For example, when I open submenu 'priority', NVDA doesn't report me first item, but when I press down arrow, It says next item without any problem.

Please, could You look on those submenu issues?
Have you tested this with NVDA 2021.2? This bug is supposedly fixed in
this version.

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