Re: A Note of Appreciation on NVDA and Foreign Languages

Dave Grossoehme

Hi:  You might try different search engines.  You might receive different responses.  If so, you might hit on something that could help from this information.  I have found duckduckgo or startpage will give information that Googgle doesn't give you for what you see.  At times wording your search with fewer details, and at other times you need more detail.  Good luck.


On 9/11/2021 9:08 AM, Jujube wrote:

Hi Jessica, I'll try my best to help but I unfortunately don't have all the answers.

My Mom taught me Mandarin braille years ago by googling resources online. I honestly don't know what she used since she was so young but doing a google search wouldn't hurt. I'm also not familiar with Mandarin or Japanese DAISY services as I never ever use them.

On Sat, Sep 11, 2021 at 8:14 AM Jessica Glasco <jessicaglasco2015@...> wrote:


On Sep 11, 2021, at 00:39, Clement Chou <chou.clement@...> wrote:

Can confirm as a Chinese speaker as well! Typing works great for the
most part, though choosing candidates in the IME can be a little
wonky, and some synthesizers react oddly to punctuation and the like.
But for the most part, foreign language support in NVDA, in Mandarin
and Japanese which are the languages I primarily use, is fantastic!
Not without its kinks, but certainly more than usable. 
Hello, I'm Jessica Glasco.  I'm totally blind, and I love NVDA.  I have 2 braille displays.  
I'd love to try and learn Japanese and Chinese braille.  That'll be quite interesting.  
I love  foreign languages of both braille and sign language learn foreign languages of  braille.   
I'll always love NVDA.  
You can feel free to contact me anytime. I was also wondering if there were Chinese Daisy online services I could add or turn on on my Victor Reader Stream new generation. It has wifi capabilities and online services. It's fun to learn.

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