Re: seeing entire file names in a torrent contents list in uTorrent

Steve Wettlaufer

It's a big chunk of the file name, including the extension.  The extension isn't the important part in this case though, it's the large missing chunks of the file names.


On 2021-09-15 2:10 p.m., Dave Grossoehme wrote:
Hi: Is it the extension of the file only, or is there more to the file name you are missing?  If it's the file extension only, then go to file explorer, then view, and turn off hide file extensions.


On 9/11/2021 1:13 PM, Steve Wettlaufer wrote:
Hi everybody,

I'm wanting to download only a few certain files from a very large torrent, but I'm running into a problem.  Going down the list with NVDA, I'm finding that the name of every single file is cut off and missing the exact information that I need to make my selections.  Is there anything I can do to expand that?  You can't resize the window and if there's another way to see that info I'm missing it.  Would appreciate any help anyone might have.



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