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Hi  udit

If you are talking about making your own E speak voice you do not use your voice to record a sample of it. It is more playing around with certain parts of it like changing the tone etc then listening to it to see if it does what you want. There is a file in where all the voices are keaped called tweaky that will guide you on how to do it.

It might be different for the sapi version but have not tried it.

There is also a link here that is off one of my pages of where to look to find the E speak voices where they are keap.

Look for the headings that refer to E speak and they will show you where to look on the installer version as well as the portable version..

The link to this page is http://www.accessibilitycentral.net/how%20to%20install%20additional%20nvda%20components.html

I have put in the contents below for the tweaky file.

Yu can copy the content of the tweaky file into notepad then make some changes. But to hear the difference it must be put back into the folder where they are keap.

You can use notepad to play around with the settings.

##Please note the 2 number signs, or pound signs in this file are for comments to help you to understand what the settings are and how to set them. 
## Language sets the language of your voice.  This setting is required for every voice that you make.
##The next line is a setting you can change.  However if you don't know the language codes it may be best to leave the setting as it is.
language variant

## The name setting is the name that will show up in the voice settings in the variant combo box.
##The next line is a setting you can change
name Tweaky

##The formant settings
##  Formant 0 is used to give a low frequency component to the sounds.
## The three numbers are frequency, strength, and Width, in that order.  Please note, the numbers are seperated by a space.
##The next line is a setting you can change
formant 0 100 100 100

# Formants 1,2, and 3 are the standard three formants which define vowels.
##The next 3 lines are settings you can change
formant 1 100 100 100
formant 2 100 100 100
formant 3 200 100 100

# Formants 4,5 are higher than F3. They affect the quality of the voice.
##The next 2 lines are settings that you can change.
formant 4 100 100 100
formant 5 100 100 100

## Formants 6, 7, and 8 are weak, high frequency, additions to vowels to give a clearer sound.
##The next 3 lines are settings that you can change.
formant 6 100 100 100
formant 7 100 100 100
formant 8 100 100 100

##Intonation affects the rise and fall of the voice   
## The settings are 1 default, 2 less intonation, 3 less intonation and commas do not raise the pitch, 4 the pitch rises at the end of a sentence rather than falling.
##The next line is a setting you can change.
intonation 1

# Setting the pitch range.  The first number gives a base pitch to the voice (value in Hertz).  The second number controls the range of pitches used by the voice. Setting it equal
# to the first number will give a monotone sounding voice.  The default values are 82 and 118.
pitch 82 118
## The tone setting.  The first number on the setting line, 600, is the frequency setting for the amount of bass in the voice.
## The second number on the tone line is the volume of the bass frequency.  You can set it from 0 to 255, 0 being the least amount, 255 being the most.
##The third number on the tone line, 1200, is the mid range frequency.  The fourth number on the line is the setting to change the volume of the mid range frequency.
##0 being the least amount and 255 being the maximum.
## The fifth number on the tone line, 2000, is the treble frequency.  The sixth number is the volume of the treble frequency.  0 is the minimum and 255 is the maximum.
##  You will notice that all 3 frequencies are set to 255.
##The next line is a setting that you can change.
tone 600 255  1200 255 2000 255
##This file does not include all of the settings that can be used to modify an E Speak voice.  It is intended to get you familiar with what the settings do.
##However, you can go to http://espeak.sourceforge.net/voices.html and read further information about other settings that can be added and changed.  I hope this helps, and Have fun.

On 16/09/2021 4:28 am, udit pandey wrote:

hi group,
Hope that you all are in good health I wanted to know that can I add my voice for nvda eg. I can record my voice and then nvda have an variant of my name

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