Re: Accessible Website Host with Drupal 9


Amelia, please contact me off list at
abletec at GMail dot com
that email is seriously munged to (hopefully) thwart at least some of
the spam harvesters out there.

Apologies Nimer & Brian V.

On 9/16/21, Amelia Anne Dickerson <Amelia.Dickerson@...> wrote:
Apologies, I asked a question related to Acquia's Dev Desktop yesterday. I
went ahead and gave it a try, only to find it's no longer supported by
Acquia. So now I'm looking for an accessible website host where I can use
Drupal 9.

Please forgive my naiveté. I'm a beginner. When I Google this, I just find
tips for how to make my website accessible. That's not what I'm looking for.
Does anyone have a favorite website host? Free is pretty important to me.

Warm Regards,
Amelia Dickerson
Digital Accessibility Office

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