Re: log in scrreen and Braile

dennis huckle <denniswhuckle@...>

Is the display connected via usb or Bluetooth?.
Sometimes Bluetooth doesn't "kick in" at log in screen for some braille displays for some reason.
Once you have set your braille display as you want have you gone to settings and gone to save configerations at log in?.
This does help sometimes.
I think it may also depend on the particular display.
Also make sure your version of nvda is up to date.
Hope this may help.
Kind regards,
Dennis huckle.

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Subject: [nvda] log in scrreen and Braile


I recently got hold of a Braille display (Mantis Q 40), and I noticed there is no Braiile in the log in screen which makes it very difficult to figure out where one is if one does not use speech.

Is there a setting I overlooked for Braille to make this happen?



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