Re: Turning Off Braille Translation

Rui Fontes

Sorry, but "No Braille" it is to do not use any Braille display...

Rui Fontes

Às 21:47 de 16/09/2021, dennis huckle escreveu:

Hello again,

I have just noticed a setting within nvda.

Go to settings,

Cursor down to braille,

Tab to change braille display.

Tab to no braille.

Then tab to apply then ok.

This will turn off translation but, I suspect braille display may show what is on screen and just red it as some form of braille.

Then go to the site you want to look at braille grade 3.

However I suspect if no braille is selected you will have to use another keyboard such as a qwerty usb or Bluetooth to control the pc.

Kind regards,

Dennis huckle.



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I’m using the orbit reader 20 plus. I’ve currently got the output table set to. UK English grade 2.



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