Re: Issues with number presentation and beeps

Chris Mullins


Hi Nancy

You can set NVDA to speak the mode instead of using audio queues when it is changed.  Uncheck “Audio indication of Browse modes” in the Browsing settings dialog (NVDA+Control+b).  There are also various options for progress bar feedback available in the Object Settings dialog (NVDA+Control+o).  Unless there is an addon for number processing I don’t know of any NVDA setting to alter how numbers are spoken.     




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From: Nancy Shackelford
Sent: 17 September 2021 03:15
Subject: [nvda] Issues with number presentation and beeps


Is there another setting regarding NVDA sounds such as the beeps for

progress or forms mode? They stayed in the Windows audio instead of my

other headphones when I changed the output location of the

synthesizer. Is there a place to set how numbers are spoken, such as

getting the "and" out of the speech? Cannot find these in settings.





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