Re: panning progress bars?

jeremy <icu8it2@...>

I tend to agree. I've also ran into situations where the beeps didn't seem to work as they should, either having a strange popping noise along with the sound or for the shorter progress bars, having a bunch of beeps almost all at once. Had these sounds gone from left to right, I can only imagine how headspinning it would have been. Guess it's why I'd much rather have the tts announce a percentage, much easier on my ears, I think.
Take care.
Chris Mullins wrote:

Personally, I tend to only use a single earpiece in order to keep the other ear on what is going on around me, so it could be potentially a volume fade/increase situation depending on which ear I was using. It also presupposes I put the correct earbud in the correct ear, which is luck rather than judgement. Regular percentage complete announcements are preferable for me.



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Hi all. How do people feel about, along with pitch based progress bars, an option to make them pan from left, 0, to right, 100? Any ideas?

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