Re: How to eliminate all beep sounds when speech mode is off


I think there is some sort of sounds add-on.  I’ve seen it discussed when this problem has been discussed before.  Do you have this problem when you start NVDA with all add-ons disabled?  If you don’t know how, we can tell you.  That is the first thing to test unless you know you have the add-on I’m talking about.  We need to know if NVDA has anything to do with this problem in the first place.

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Sent: Friday, September 17, 2021 4:10 PM
Subject: [nvda] How to eliminate all beep sounds when speech mode is off

I've looked through NVDA's preferences and various settings, and have done a search in this forum, but I haven't found any information about how to resolve this issue.

The problem is, when I have speech mode off, I still hear beeping sounds whenever I click on new windows/programs/tabs that I have on my desktop.

For example:
I have speech mode off. I'm on Mozilla Firefox on one monitor, and then I click on my Atom Text Editor in my second monitor, and I hear the beep right after the click.
Also, clicking on different tabs, whether on my browser, or my text editor, sets off this beep as well.
All of this happens even though I have speech mode off.

Does anyone else have this issue? And can anyone tell me how I can make the beeping sounds go away? I have no need for it. All I need is the speech mode on/off.

I thought perhaps installing this plugin would do the trick, but all it does is eliminate the beep option for when you toggle with "Insert + s" (i.e. with the add on, you can just toggle between speech mode on and off), it doesn't actually eliminate the beeps I still hear when speech mode is off.

Any help would be great. Thank you kindly.

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