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I hope  you weren't too inconvenienced by having almost everything removed.  I am not a tech and those who are may disagree, but this seems to me like incompetent troubleshooting.  Crash information is kept in logs.  Did those trying to figure out the problem look at the logs before doing anything else?

Also, what is the default setting for NVDA and use of UIA, I believe is the acronym.  Could this be the problem? 


On 9/19/2021 11:00 AM, Kelly, Kathleen wrote:
I am using student version downloaded from a university in the US. It is free, offered to every student enrolled. I am using a new laptop with 8RAM. Almost everything except Office, McAffee and NVDA was removed to fix the issue. It still crashed. 

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On Sun, Sep 19, 2021 at 11:24 AM, Monte Single wrote:
Are you using a web based version such as office 365?
There is a huge difference between having a strong connection to cloud storage (and other bits), which Microsoft 365 does, and web-based.

Microsoft 365 is not web-based in any conventional sense of that term.  There is an online version of Office, which is part of Microsoft 365, but most people using Microsoft 365 are using the installed versions of the various office applications.

If the online version is what happens to be in use here, that needs to be clearly stated, as it's an entirely different animal.  It's way more akin to Google Docs.

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