Re: Problem with Office and NVDA


Remove McAfee, for starters.  It would not shock me, one bit, if that fixes the problem right there.

You have never mentioned what comes back if you hit the Windows Key, type winver, and hit enter.  Knowing the Windows Version and build is a basic piece of information.  Also the make and model of the PC is a bit help.  Essentially, when seeking help on technical issues one really needs to offer the information about the ecosystem in use:
1. Make & Model of PC
2. Windows version and build
3. Version for each piece of software believed to be involved (NVDA, Word (or Office as a whole), and Windows)

I presume your Office is an installed version, as that's what most universities offer.  If it's not, then you would not be working with Word as a program, but in a web browser as a web app.

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