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Well according to some sources adobe is retiring flash not just the distribution links but moving to retiring flash.
With all its security issues and the rise of html5 and other tech there are those that say the writing is on the wall.
If so that is interesting.
Flash is not used to much I know some games I have are shockwave based.
But I also know that flash is still used for a lot of audio playback on some sites.
Now in a few cases this can be bypassed and if you have vlc, at least in firefox that can work for you a little.
However the fact is flash may be gotten for now after the end of this month from flash's own website.
You need to be on your toes with the issues with flash and their unwanted software.
In the back of my mind, I have thought about it, and I wander if the nvda community could get a free enterprise licence for the flash distribution.
It would mean though someone would have to download the right files then reupload them to another source though.
In the grand scheme of things, it may not even matter bar us old timers on 7 and that won't last for ever.
Win10 has its own version.
For us with firefox we can install it for now but mozilla has dumbed down its use.
Chrome has blocked and will bann flash entirely if it hasn't allready and is using the new html tech.
Reguardless of what adobe has stated in the past, flash will go away.
For those that need it, I suggest you get it now while you can.
I do wander what will happen to it though codecguide which is where I get the current links well.
Even though it is now insecure and a pile of crap now, I can remember the time when it was the backbone of the poor mans dialup internet not to long ago, about 5 maybe 7 years ago flash was king.
And it stayed that way till the end of xp lifecycle.
Reguardless of what it is now, its death will mean the end of the early internet era as we know it.
Its been one of the first technologies released with the net and it appears that it may be one of the last to go with the old net.
Flash was designed for dialup mainly at the start and dialup is gone.
We have progressed a long way from where flash was actually needed.
Shockwave isn't even updated at least the stand alone program isn't you need shockwave for offline swf content mainly and some online content.
With the rise of html5 and also universal apps it may soon get the chop to.
Though a pile of crappyness its one of the technologies I will be sad to see die none the less.
Along with windows 9x, early dos, win xp, and the 56kbps and lower modems, printer, external moniter, serial cables ports etc.
The net is a lot different, even standard bios is dead now.

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I've noticed a certain reluctance on many sites for flash to actually
be used, so I suspect this may be an ongoing problem generally, not with
nvda though.
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I use Firefox. When I re-opened the player it seemed to work, but
clicking on most things just brought me back to the top of the page.
Same thing with Internet Explorer. So far the application works
better, though still has some issues.

On 9/19/16, Gene <> wrote:
You may be using a script blocker that is keeping flash from being
seen and
running on the site. What browser or browsers are you using? I'm
not sure
what accounts for the problem but to discuss it further, we need such
information. Do you use more than one browser and if so, which ones?

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The web player isn't working; it tells me I need to install flash even
though I have the latest update.

On 9/19/16, Gene <> wrote:
I don't know, these days, if, or to what extent spotify is accessible
the computer application you install. It is reasonably accessible
web site. If you are logged in and play something using a browser,
reasonably accessible.

You may not get as good sound that way, but the sound will be


From: kelby carlson
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Subject: [nvda] Spotify

Is Spotify accessible with NVDA? Do you need an adon to use it?

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