Re: Problem with Office and NVDA


On Sun, Sep 19, 2021 at 02:11 PM, Lukasz Golonka wrote:
Windows 10 starts the default name of the computer,
regardless if it is a desktop or laptop, with the 'desktop' suffix for a
long time now so the only conclusion which can be drawn from this name
is that it has not been changed from the default.
That's a change (even if it's a long ago change).  In my day-to-day travels, setting up a completely new machine for a client only happens once every few years, so I tend t, forget what I see as default system names.  It also doesn't help, I suppose, that I always change them to something meaningful so that when they show up on a list of network connected devices, even on a different device, it's pretty obvious which device is which.

And you'd think that MS would do some "hardware type detection" when setting these default names, but . . .

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