Re: Problem with Office and NVDA

Kelly, Kathleen

Thanks, it was reset — by Microsoft. 

But the operating system was not uninstalled and reloaded…


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On Sun, Sep 19, 2021 at 01:37 PM, Kenny Cheung wrote:
Don't think you would have to do a clean install from a flash drive. If you start typing in reset in the start menu it gives you options to do a clean install of windows.
You could do a Reset as well, but it is not as "clean" as either a Repair Install with the ISO nor a completely clean reinstall.

When I am trying to start with an utterly clean slate, which I am here, I suggest a repair install first, as it does a more extensive housecleaning as far as Windows goes than a Reset does, then a completely clean reinstall.

But one can try a Reset if one prefers.  In any case, getting to a "known clean" or "much cleaner" Windows install is the first order of business here.

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