Re: Problem with Office and NVDA


On Sun, Sep 19, 2021 at 04:10 PM, Kelly, Kathleen wrote:
I can provide his telephone number and email if you would like. 
I don't need it.

Millions of people use MS-Office with Screen Readers, NVDA being among them.  While there is the odd problem here and there, they simply work together.

He is ill-informed.  Period, end of sentence.  And it would not be the first time that someone in technical support was neither technical nor supportive.  And when it comes to assistive technology, unless you're talking with someone who either uses it or specializes in assisting with it, then their advice has to be taken with a boulder of salt, not a grain, when they make assertions that are easily disproven.

If you're someone using assistive technology of any kind I'd suggest you get in touch with Microsoft Windows & Office Accessibility Support (US).  Pick your contact method from any one of the options on that page.  If your preference happens to be by phone, and you're in the USA, then (800) 936-5900.  If you are in the UK, see: UK Microsoft & Windows Accessibility Support Webpage 

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