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What saddens me is that we as users don't need a lot of what we think is secure.
A lot of the updates are for people that click those infected links or reply to the obvious fishing emails.
The only thing I can think of is that we either are relying on our software like we rely on our spellchecking and autocorrection software and or that some of us just do whatever because its what we do.
Certainly there are some stupid people that need a good reformat and should be left to do it themselves.
On the other hand while at university I had a calculator, and a spelling checker.
There was no real reason to even bother checking my documents, the computer did it.
I didn't need to do math because the computer did it.
As my education went on I just used a machine and the work got done.
People told me my spelling was degrading but I told them to naff off.
After university, and with no prospects of mainstream work, I got a low quality word processer and a new computer.
I stopped using my calculator it being broken and I stopped using office.
Being self employed the closest I have come to wordprocessing is this email client.
The closest I have come to chatting is skype.
I use winamp for most of my audio.
I have jarte to read and where needed edit word documents like for a testing project I run in.
I have a text file to write my training gym diary and mostly I just coppy last entry because its basically the same bar satturdays and even on satturdays it changes little and I don't need a processer.
The closest I get to actual work is when filling in a form in an html document on a webpage.
Its either that, or a physical working with a computer or audio, and I have 2 field recorders and several microphones and audio packages on my workstation.
Most of what I use is online and I am unsure if I could return to an office situation previded that is that I can continue to go like this I probably won't but for now.

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Exactly the same so I rely on the windows solution almost completely
and som stand alone bits that I can use if I'm mega suspiciious.

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It seems to me that the antivirus developers are the less
accessible-minded people in the software industry.

Until now I have not found an antivirus that can be used with NVDA.
From totally inaccessible right from the installation to barely
usable, none of the most famous free antivirus can be used without

I am using AVG because at least it can be automatically installed with
Ninite, but NVDA cannot read the messages dialog, I cannot configure
the antivirus and every time I install NVDA I need help from someone
cause AVG "don't like" something and NVDA stops responding.

What are your experiences in this matter?


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