Re: sluggish speech

Rui Fontes


Firstly, we do not have enough information...

1 - What synth? Or happens with any synth?

2 - It only happens with NVDA or also with Narrator?

3 - What machine and what sound card?

4 - Are Bluetooth speakers/headphones in use?

5 - If not, they have tried to configure, change or remove the audio drive?

6 - In the NVDA log did you notice any problem?

Rui Fontes

NVDA portuguese team

Às 06:19 de 20/09/2021, Robert Doc Wright godfearer escreveu:

I asked about this before but I have seen no response. A friend has a problem that while running NVDA if he up arrows it takes more than a second to hear a response. Also if he is idol for more than 20 seconds when he touches any key he gets the same lag.  he is running windows 10 on a brand new desktop and the latest NVDA.

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