Re: Accessible disk partition, cloning, imaging software

Richard Kuzma

Goog morning,
I use something called disk genius and it works quite well for resizing and adding and deleting partitions.

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maybe someone has any suggestions as in the topic? I get into my hands disks with linux-raid partitions and the like, where the basic manager built into windows does not work.


2021-05-18 14:17 GMT+02:00, Bartek via

I know that the topic has already been discussed, but I have a problem
with viewing the archive.

I am looking for an accessible software for partitioning, cloning,
migrating, disk imaging.
Nice as free for home use or opensource.can be operated from the
command line,

Can you suggest something? Do you have any patents?

Macrium Reflect works great, but its accessiblity is not good.


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