Three add-on releases: Clock development build, Extended Winamp 2.1, Golden Cursor 5.1 #addonrelease


Hi all,

Three add-on releases are now available via Add-on Updater:

  • Clock: September 18th development build
  • Extended Winamp: 2.1 stable version
  • Golden Cursor: 5.1 stable version


All three updates include localization updates.


  • Clock add-on: only those who have opted to receiving development releases will be offered this update.
  • Extended Winamp and Golden Cursor: as part of my exit procedure, these two add-ons are no longer maintained by me, effective immediately (I have asked add-ons community to update these add-ons).


Changelog for Clock add-on (for other add-ons, they include localization updates):

  • User interface messages have changed to make them more user friendly.
  • The way you specify quiet hours has changed completely. Instead of entering quiet hour ranges using an exact time format syntax, a series of combo boxes will let you choose quiet hours start/end hour and minute.
  • Fixed a long-standing bug where if you choose a different alarm sound, NVDA will play it until the end even if you close alarm settings panel.
  • Fixed time output issue for 24-hour format.


These changes will be part of the next stable version of Clock add-on, tentatively scheduled for November 2021.

P.S. Expect add-on updates like this in the next few days.



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