Re: How to eliminate all beep sounds when speech mode is off


@Jackie, nope, it's unchecked. That sound was hard on my ears. I'm glad my volume was down haha.
@Brian, I tried NVDA + Shift + S but it didn't work.

Anyway, I found the issue. The beeping sounds were coming from Preferences > Settings > Browse Mode > "Audio indication of focus and browse modes". That option, by default, was selected. Unselecting that made the beeps go away entirely while Speech Mode was off. Tested thoroughly, and confirmed that this was causing the beeps while Speech Mode was off.

Please see this image:

Maybe this isn't an issue for everyone (it sounds like it isn't), so to be clear, I'm on a windows 10 machine and my NVDA version is 2021.2.

Hope this helps others in the future. Thank you everyone for your patience and support.

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