Re: How to eliminate all beep sounds when speech mode is off

Sarah k Alawami

No there is not, sleep mode is what you would be looking for int is case.


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A correction, the documentation says of sleep mode:  "sleep mode disables all NVDA commands and speech/braille output for the current application."

That "for the current application" proviso is something I just glossed over.  I also glossed over "speech/braille output," as that doesn't include other audio output, at least as stated.

Sleep mode seems to be a sort of temporary application profile only for the application that NVDA is running over at the moment you invoke it.

I could have sworn that there was, for lack of a better way of putting it, a "global suspend" command for NVDA where it continues to run, but does absolutely nothing while suspended.  But if there is I haven't found it with a quick search.

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