Re: How to eliminate all beep sounds when speech mode is off


@Brian, thank you for looking into this in depth for me. I'm new to NVDA, so I appreciate the help.

Perhaps you are correct. Some of these issues might be specific to my machine. I'm not sure.

Regarding enabling Sleep Mode, I tested it once more by putting everything back to the default settings, including re-selecting "Audio indication of focus and browse modes". You were right. There is a "global suspend" option that eliminates the beeping sounds entirely when both Speech Mode is On and Sleep Mode is On. In other words, with Speech and Sleep Modes On, I don't hear those beeping sounds. However, the beeping sounds still occur when Speech Mode is On and Sleep Mode is Off. The beeps occur when I navigate through elements on a page (either with my tab key or mouse). The beep will sound just before NVDA starts reading stuff.

Ultimately the solution for me is to unselect that "Audio indication..." setting to get NVDA to fit my needs (the beeps literally hurts my ears).

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