Re: Cannot write much of anything on Facebook without bringing up the feature to tag individuals


Chris S, that *actually appears S, that *actually seems to work! I'd
heard of, which did not solve the problem, but not this

Sorry for answering this post, Nimer & Brian--it will be my last on
the topic--but it's been a severe limitation in my using FB, &, though
I doubt I'll like it any better, this alleviated at least some of the
discomfort of using it when necessity dictates.

On 9/20/21, Pawel Urbanski <pawel@...> wrote:
Just so you know... I addressed many bugs with solutions including rough
code to Facebook.
I reached to my connections working there at different levels and
departments. I know that htey passed my feedback on, but nobody has ever
got in touch despite my offer to spend some time on resolution...

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