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I can’t comment on the desktop sounds.  It also isn’t clear if the user uses some sight.  If you use sleep in whatever program you are in, you won’t be able to use the screen-reader at all, yet the person didn’t comment on that. 
In terms of the browser, from what the person wrote in recent messages, the problem is that the person is hearing the sounds that the browser makes by default when automatically switching between browse mode and focus mode as you move through a web page and come to certain structures. 
Sleep mode would stop these sounds, if done in such a way that it is on while the browser is running because NVDA is completely inactive.  But then you wouldn’t have browse mode and you wouldn’t have any screen-reader information so you wouldn’t use the browser in the first place unless you were using sight to move around the web page.  Perhaps the person has enough site for navigation but not enough for comfortable extended reading.  There is too much we don’t know about how the person uses NVDA, but, we now know  that the person didn’t want to hear the change sounds.

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On Mon, Sep 20, 2021 at 02:34 PM, Gene wrote:
Sleep mode is a red herring.  It has nothing to do with the issue.
Then, Gene, please do elaborate on what you see as "the issue."

It wasn't perfectly clear at the outset, and the original poster did say, much later, that sleep mode was silencing everything, which is what I thought he wanted based on, "The problem is, when I have speech mode off, I still hear beeping sounds whenever I click on new windows/programs/tabs that I have on my desktop."

It's pretty clear now that all he wanted to do was to eliminate the two sounds NVDA uses to signal the switch between browse and focus modes because he found them very annoying.  That has been achieved, by unchecking the setting noted.

The original poster does not seem, from anything said in this topic, to have any confusion about what browse and focus mode are or how they behave.

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