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Nimer Jaber

Yes, individuals need to use it... but that is still a better option than telling a user not to use it because inferior options that are not deadbolts work well... taking precautions is not sufficient enough to avoid security problems anymore. Sites get hijacked, home computers are regularly used in botnets... You won't change my views on terrible software, just as I won't change your mind about the benefits to using *something*, even if it isn't very good. My suggestion is to create a wiki including MSE and other recommendations that are made on list regularly, and advise users to do their own research about the quality or which one to use or not use. These are options that we know to be accessible, but we are not telling you that they will always work, and we are not making any statement or guarantee about their effectiveness. Thoughts?


On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 3:24 PM Shaun Everiss <sm.everiss@...> wrote:
Well one issue if it is any issue I have with msse though to be fair its
not happened as much as its hppened with say avg, is et an update and
suddenly lagit programs I have had no issue with suddenly are some weird
I have excluded their folders from scanning in fact I have excluded a
lot from scanning that could be a problem.
this has included a 3gb backup folder of installers because of how slow
they get while loading otherwise.
However I do know that excluding these things is dangerous.
One of my friends on the cloud got hacked into.
And from then on everyone on several groups on the cloud got virus files.
We eventually deleted them, but I know in one case group leaders of
several groups banned everyone from using their sites and closed their
groups down and reformatted their servers and never came back because of
the trouble it caused.
So I can see why you wouldn't exclude either.
I have not as yet explored sophos.

On 21/09/2016 6:02 a.m., Brian's Mail list account wrote:
> Cannot you exclude the items from defender as you could in msse? I have
> allowed a number of hacking tools to exist in 7, with msse simply by
> changing them to allow in the dialogues after they were detected, but
> I've not tried this in Defender, I'd have thought the two pieces of
> software almost idemtical.
> Brian
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> Hi.
> I’m now ussing Eset SmartSecurity 9, and it’s a very big shit. The 8
> version was more or less accessible but my it upgrades automatically to
> 9 version. After, I have used Microsoft Security Essentials (a very good
> antivirus) in Windows 7, but in Windows 10 the Windows Defender locks me
> some aplications like Utorrent, cause of that i changed to Eset. I’m
> also looking for a good antivirus for Windows.
> Cheers.
>> El 20 sept 2016, a las 13:53, Walmir Schultz via
>> <> escribió:
>> Hi,
>> It seems to me that the antivirus developers are the less
>> accessible-minded people in the software industry.
>> Until now I have not found an antivirus that can be used with NVDA.
>> From totally inaccessible right from the installation to barely
>> usable, none of the most famous free antivirus can be used without
>> problems.
>> I am using AVG because at least it can be automatically installed with
>> Ninite, but NVDA cannot read the messages dialog, I cannot configure
>> the antivirus and every time I install NVDA I need help from someone
>> cause AVG "don't like" something and NVDA stops responding.
>> What are your experiences in this matter?
> .

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