Re: nvda Vocalizer greek and english

Rui Fontes

Nop, if he is using our Vocalizer it will switch from greek to english automatically due to difference in character set.

It only works automatically between two languages using different character sets...

By instance, hebrew, arabic, cyrilic, chinese and japanese, latin languages and so on...

Between languages with same character set, like english and portuguese,  is not yet possible...

Rui Fontes

Tiflotecnia, Lda.

Às 11:33 de 23/09/2021, Anne Günther escreveu:

If you switch automatic speech recognition on in the settings dialogue in the speech settings it works for the most part in browsers. In other apps you have to switch manually, as far as I know.
hth, Guenni

Am 23.09.2021 um 12:10 schrieb marinos.poulimas:
     I greet all my friends first of all I wish you all well Strong and strong.
question I use additional voice vocalizer Melina language greek.
what i want to ask can i use a narrator's second voice from the vocalizer for english.
and be pronounced when the text is in English to hear the voice from the vocalizer in English.
when I have Greek to listen to Melina's voice in Greek.
to switch it automatically without having to change the voices manually.
if this is not possible there is no problem I will do it manually.
can someone using vocalizer send me a voice add-on for English.
or where can i find.

the version I have is 20.4 on nvda


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