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thank you very much for your answers I forgot to write which version of the add-on I use you asked me it is very pleasant I write it here and for more details to the friend who sent me personally thank you very much thank you

Vocalizer_Expressive2_Driver 121grg-Melina-PremiumHigh
Στις 23/9/2021 1:54 μ.μ., ο/η zahra έγραψε:

how about dual voice addon?
did you test it until now?
i dont have the link for it unfortunately.

On 9/23/21, marinos.poulimas <> wrote:
I greet all my friends first of all I wish you all well Strong and
question I use additional voice vocalizer Melina language greek.
what i want to ask can i use a narrator's second voice from the
vocalizer for english.
and be pronounced when the text is in English to hear the voice from the
vocalizer in English.
when I have Greek to listen to Melina's voice in Greek.
to switch it automatically without having to change the voices manually.
if this is not possible there is no problem I will do it manually.
can someone using vocalizer send me a voice add-on for English.
or where can i find.

the version I have is 20.4 on nvda


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